Week 1 The Launch by Shane F

On the 23rd of October 2035 the Mars one mission was  taking place in the national space centre. Thousands of people were coming from all over the world to see the rocket launch to Mars.

50 astronauts and 2 rockets were getting ready to launch . One rocket had food, water, crops, medicine, animals and building supplies on it that could last the crew for months and the other was for transport.

Chris and I were two of the four pilots getting ready to launch. “James!” Chris shouted, “get ready – we’re leaving in an hour !”

2 days later we  all landed safely on Mars and put up tents and I thought “well what a start. ”


8 thoughts on “Week 1 The Launch by Shane F”

  1. Hi Shane.
    I loved reading your story. I love the space theme. Your story reminded me of a story I wrote last year about space. How long were you staying in Mars for? Was the ride there fun? What happens next? Well done again Shane. Great 100WC.

  2. Hi Shane, how many tents did you put up? I love space stories. I’m sure I’ll be one of the first to read your next story.Sean M

  3. Hi Shane,I really enjoyed your story.You Remind me of my favourite author Mr Roald Dahl.Im excited to read more of your stories!Dylan K

  4. This is a great story Shane. It sounds like there really could be ‘Life on Mars’ afterall if the Astronauts settled successfully and managed to sow the crops and breed the animals. I really like how you used the prompt this week.

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