Week 1: The Mars Disaster by Aivaras

Preparing to land on Mars to live there forever, my team and I had a lot of work to do. A few weeks later we started building the dome so we could breathe. Walking towards  the dome and I thought ” well what a start.”

A few months later the dome was finally finished. Johnny the leader told me to find a way to farm, and I did of course. But after a couple of months, none of the crops had grown. There was air and water. Then we knew why  – there was a hole in the dome.

3 thoughts on “Week 1: The Mars Disaster by Aivaras”

  1. We really liked the way your writing starts, the opening quickly sets the scene for the reader.

    From Miss T and James

  2. Hi Aivaras, Great to see you back here on 100 wc. I really enjoyed your story. It does sound like a real disaster that none of your crops had grown. Well done.

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