Week 1 :The Martian By Liam


Suddenly a storm strikes. The team rushes to the escape rocket. Mark is hit and thought to have died. And I thought “well what a start”! He started work for survival. He found a way to reproduce water and potatoes. He has made Mars a livable place.

His home or protective dome is a site called Areas 3. He planned to travel to Areas 4, where the next mission was meant to land 2 years after Areas 3.

His teammates (who are in space) eventually find out he’s alive. They pick up extra supplies from Earth and slingshot themselves towards Mars! They successfully make physical contact with Mark.

He’s heading home!!





16 thoughts on “Week 1 :The Martian By Liam”

  1. Hi Liam great post I love the way you described your story. It is excellent .
    Come visit my blog at Ms O’Keeffe’s class.

  2. Liam nice I like how Mars came into view and how you named the areas.Also nice job on making show case.

  3. Hello Liam your story was excellent this week.
    It was so good that you even got showcased on the first week back.
    This story reminds me of the movie the martian.
    Your story was even better than the movie.
    Shane C 5th.

  4. hi Liam.
    Amazing read
    question how did you get communications with Mark
    brilliant story loved it.

  5. Thank you all for the great comments. I don’t think I’m going to write a sequel on this because I wrote all the main parts. At first nobody knew what they would do about it, but then a young,brilliant worker had the idea of slingshotting them. Again, thank you so much for these amazing comments. Bye

  6. Great story Liam. Mark was really lucky to be rescued. This story reminded me of the movie The Martian and the book. You must like space. Would you like to go on a mission?
    By ShaneC

  7. Hi Liam.
    I loved your story this week. Especially the space theme.
    I think it is great that he made Mars a livable area.
    I wonder if there are life forms on any other planets near us? Mark was very lucky.
    Well done again.

  8. Hi Liam. Great story.
    It reminded me of the movie and book the Martian .
    I was glad when I heard he was going home.
    Again great story.

  9. Hi Liam.
    That story was amazing .
    A few months ago i saw a movie called The Martian.
    Will there be a sequel to tell us about his life on mars.
    Bye Bryan : )

  10. Hi Liam.
    It was an enjoyable story.
    It’s reminding me of like the “Planet of Apes” I don’t know why.
    Were you alright after the journey?

  11. This is such a unique, interesting and creative 100 word challenge. I really enjoyed reading it. I loved the dramatic start and how everything seemed so bleak but then it all turns around and Mark was located. Great names used for the homes or protective domes that Mark created. Well done.
    Ms O’Keeffe
    Team 100wc

  12. Hi Liam

    We thought this was dramatic with such a lot happening and we think you must like space!

    From Miss T, Bethany, Lewis and Jack

  13. Hi Liam, Wow! What a brilliant take on the prompt. I love how you describe Mark as he tries to find a way to live on Mars. However, my favourite part of your story is the way you describe his teammates as they ‘slingshot’ themselves towards Mark on their rescue mission. Great story.

  14. Mark was lucky to be rescued. He must have great friends that never gave up on him. I wonder has the Mission to Mars been abandoned now? Well done Liam – great story.

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