Week 1 : Monster Hunting By Paul

Roy walked over to the quest counter.

“Operation : Congalala,” Roy whispered. “Lads! you wanna do this quest?”

“Wait…Isn’t this a rank 5 quest?” Rath whimpered.

“Ahh it’ll be fiiiiiine!” Roy said while sharpening his sword.

There it was. It was a giant bear eating honey.

“OK lads we-”

“CHARGE!” Al screamed.

Nobody else charged. Al ran into the bears’ claws. Later the medic crew ran in and brought him back and I thought “well what a start”.

The bear went back.

“Alfred. Set a trap,” Roy said. “Shoot Rebecca!”

“Thanks guys,” Al scowled afterwards. He had a cast.


8 thoughts on “Week 1 : Monster Hunting By Paul”

  1. Amazing Incredible No.1 I can’t believe how great your stories are. After reading them all I feel so happy for you by the way thanks for commenting on my work I hoped you liked it.10/10

  2. I really like how you have used conversation and dialogue to create your story. It is very effective and interesting to read.
    You can really picture how the characters would be talking to one another in this story, well done!
    Miss Lind
    Oamaru, New Zealand

  3. Hi liked the story Paul. I wonder why Al ran straight into the bear with out a plan? Keep Up the good work. 🙂 Adam

  4. Hello Paul,
    I liked that you put in lots of speech parts.
    I also liked how you made unique names and words.
    from Hannah at St Josephs School Oamaru.

  5. Great work Paul and I like the unusual take on the prompt. I love the name of the Quest too – ‘Operation Congalala’. Very unique.

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