Week 1: The Mystery Wall By Adam

Gabriel, Elleguard, Magnus and Soron. Together they are the order.

So they all set out to camp. One night they heard a sound.

They said, ” So what lies ahead of us in this forest?”

They went over to see. It was world end they thought. They decided to walk through. It was not world end. It was the other side of the world. It was lovely. They had no words to describe it – it was so beautiful.

A few years later. The land got attacked by trolls. The trolls wanted land. They said the trolls could have some. So it was all very peaceful in the end.

7 thoughts on “Week 1: The Mystery Wall By Adam”

  1. Really good job Adam! I really enjoyed the plot of the story and the fact that at the end you told the reader what happened years after they had walked through the forest-very impressive. You also demonstrated good grammatical skills. Very well done!

  2. Hi Adam. I have to admit, I was intrigued by your use of these fabulous names so I googled to see how you came up with them, only to discover they’re characters from Minecraft!!! Well done on working them into your 100 wc. I really like how you describe the forest as being ‘the other side of the world’. You’ve done a great job on using your imagination. Well done.

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