Week 1: A new School…By Christopher H

I was shocked to hear that, I’m going to a new school tomorrow! It was an unexpected surprise. I sadly didn’t get to say goodbye to my school friends.

I didn’t waste time and got ready for the long day tomorrow. I didn’t do my homework and gave my school books to my friend next door and said bye. I got a new bag and some new crayons. For some reason, I couldn’t sleep that night.

I woke up full of energy as I heard the alarm go off…I ran off to school and since I was new everybody liked me and I thought “Well what a start.”

2 thoughts on “Week 1: A new School…By Christopher H”

  1. Well done you! New beginnings can be very scary especially for any students starting in a new school and not having any friends. I really admire how you took it in your stride. Delighted to hear all your new buddies liked you. Why wouldn’t they – you sound like a very happy and positive boy to me.

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