Week 1: The Bank Robbery: by Liam A

Today I went downtown and saw people outside the bank pretending to be statues and suddenly something struck my mind.

If I pretended to be a statue in the bank I could rob it and be rich. There was meant to be a gold statue being brought to the bank three days later. That would give me enough time to practice my poses for the heist. The day came and I found the van and got into it.

I got to the bank and waited for the night when it was quiet I got into the vault and took the money.

Now I’m rich.

2 thoughts on “Week 1: The Bank Robbery: by Liam A”

  1. Hi Liam A

    This was a spectacular story I loved all of it. The robber was a great way to put into the story.

    Make sure to keep up the great work.

    Your hub buddy
    Jessica H

  2. Hey Liam, great response! We like the idea of being statues, but robbing a bank is a bit naughty! We also liked some of your vocabulary. In particular, the word, ‘heist’ and the phrase ‘struck my mind.’

    Keep it up,

    Adelaide, Australia

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