Week 1: The cement By: Tadhg

“Splash ”

Tom crashed into the cement head first.

“Help me!” Tom yelled,” I’m too young to die .”

He started screaming like a lunatic so I had to help him . I walked over to him and gave him a rope. He grabbed it but before he got out I took a photo of him. Then I helped him out of the cement .

“What was that for?” He yelled. “Why did you push me into the cement?” Tom roared.

“I told you to move out of the way,” I answered.

As Tom went away and I checked my phone –  the picture was going viral –  already 1,000 views…

4 thoughts on “Week 1: The cement By: Tadhg”

  1. Hi Tadhg, What good story and what excellent punctuation it has. I really like how the arrangement helps the story to flow and makes clear to the reader what is going on. You have been very imaginative with this piece and have leftist open enough at the end to have a follow up sometime; maybe a part two would be interesting. Thank you for this and very well done.

  2. Hi Tadhg
    Really like the way you took a picture before helping Tom
    One question how did the photo get 1,000 views in a second
    Goodbye from Tim

  3. Hi Tadhg,
    I like the way you took a picture of him before helping him,
    It reminds me of a television show I watched when I was young,
    I wonder how much views it had after a week,
    Goodbye from Szymon.

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