Week 1 The Gym by Ciaran

It was 9:oo pm.  My brother and I were late when I got to school.  We were too late to get the bus to the amusement park so we walked home. The next day was Saturday and it was” Father bring son to work day” and my dad worked in the Gym.
My dad had a lunch break and we wanted to try out some of the equipment and test it. My brother went over to the pull-up bar but out of nowhere my brother was shot and pulled the alarm to save me.
Sadly he died and to this day a statue of two hands lays right outside the Gym.

2 thoughts on “Week 1 The Gym by Ciaran”

  1. Hi Ciaran
    What a powerful piece, I really wasn’t expecting it to end as it did. It made a refreshing change from reading about monsters!
    Miss T

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