Week 1 The Prison Escape by Danny

One dull rainy day my friend and I decided to break out of prison as we had been there for many years… actually too many to count. We were being abominable – well that’s what the guard said.

We had been planning it for the several weeks and today was the day to do it. I called over the guard to have a chat with him while Johnny took the key out of the guards pocket. I punched him and Johnny opened the prison cell which we were in and then we ran like a bullet from a gun…

2 thoughts on “Week 1 The Prison Escape by Danny”

  1. Hi Danny
    I like your story because it’s a prison escape and you used a good simile when you said like a bullet from a gun.
    It reminds me of a video game that I played at my friends house.
    Great work
    From Matthew D

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