Week 1 Weeping statues by Sean

Years ago it was a stormy night. The storm was so bad that no one could see. 5 people were heading home that stormy night.  In the distance, there were 6 statues. My friend said they were moving. “No they’re not,” said the other friend . After that night no one saw them again.

20 years later people started calling them weeping angels . They have sharp wings and sharp teeth. Every time you blink they move and if they touch you then you will turn into a weeping angel.

Rumours say they still live  to this day .

2 thoughts on “Week 1 Weeping statues by Sean”

  1. I was thinking of a very scary episode of Dr Who when I read your story!
    Did anyone get turned into a weeping angel on that stormy night twenty years before? It doesn’t sound like they did, but how else did the rumours continue so many years later?
    I liked your ideas, but I would have liked to see them link together better.
    Michelle, Team 100wc
    Melbourne, Australia

  2. Hi Sean,
    Great use of the prompt,
    It reminded me when I watched Doctor Who,
    I got a bit confused on there were 5 people and my friend said,

    from Zach Ms.Brennocks 6th

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