Week 1 Into the Woods by Aidan

“So what lies ahead of the lake?” said Tom thinking.

“Probably a dark deep tunnel,” Samo said thinking out loud.

Sarah said “It’s too dangerous.

Then something pushed them in. Sarah said that she knew something bad would happen. Then something whooshed in the trees.

Tom said “let’s go check it out.” It was a huge forest. Then Samo said “are you crazy man?” No I am serious,” answered Tom.

Sarah shouted,” this forest is huge.” They kept on walking and they found a man. Tom asked him what was his name. He turned around with a big ugly face and said , “My name is Gulther. Have you seen any trolls? …

2 thoughts on “Week 1 Into the Woods by Aidan”

  1. Hi Aidan
    What a well written story you have posted. Your use of speech moves the story on and tells the reader a little bit about the characters, this is tricky to get right. I also would like to know more about Gulther, maybe a sequel is in order!
    Miss T
    Stockbridge School
    Hampshire, England

  2. Well done Aidan on your very first 100 word challenge.
    I wonder was it a troll they heard? I’m also curious to know more about Gulther. Can he be trusted?
    Super work – keep it up!

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