Week 1 The Worst Start to the Season by Bryan

It was the first game of the season Cork vs Dublin. The game had just begun. I got the ball and my foot got caught in the ground and I was taken off and rushed to hospital .

I had an x ray and it showed that I dislocated my ankle from its socket. And I thought “well what a start .” I came out of hospital 3 weeks later. And the long road of recovery was to begin. It was tough but luckily I was back playing next season.


8 thoughts on “Week 1 The Worst Start to the Season by Bryan”

  1. What a terrible start to the season!
    Like you said, at least you were back ready for next season!
    Some great vocabulary in your writing- well done
    Miss Lind
    Oamaru New Zealand

  2. Hi Brian
    Well… That was a really bad start and a pretty major accident. Who won the match your team or…
    I remember in Rugby Ireland was playing and something happened to a really good player and he couldn’t play for three weeks! I think the exact same thing happened to him.

  3. You’re absolutely right Brian. That was a dreadful start to your holiday. I’m sure after three weeks in hospital though your leg was like new and before you knew it, you were back on the pitch representing your County.

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