Week 10 A Crazy day by Mathew OG

It was a normal day in school.  My friend Josh and I were living right next to each other so every day we walked home from school.

But this day seemed very weird – car alarms were shrieking loudly. We were a bit spooked so we decided to start running pretty fast. Later we passed a yellow pile of bricks and on top of it was an immense menacing gorilla.

Sooner rather than later army men with deadly assault rifles came charging down the road. Josh and I hid behind a large rock. Within seconds shots were fired then we heard a massive roar…

3 thoughts on “Week 10 A Crazy day by Mathew OG”

  1. Hi Mathew! I love how detailed your story was. did you know boy gorillas get a silver back when there older and fight to lead the pack than the others get to lead a new pack. were the army men going against the gorilla.

  2. Kio ra Mathew. My name is Mele and that is how you say hi in New Zealand. I like how you used loads of description of your story. Using guns in your story that’s cool. But mostly I want to know more about this story it kinda sounds interesting.

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