Week 10 A Day At The Zoo By Jack

It was an ordinary day at the zoo or so I thought when Boom! George the gorilla crashed through the yellow bricks they were going to use for his new cage.

He was running pretty fast  -faster than I have ever seen him run in his life after a teenage boy who had thrown a banana skin at him while he had been eating.

George chased him out of the zoo towards the boy’s mum’s car. The boy hopped into the car and shouted at his mum to drive. But he was too late George had the gripped onto the back bumper of the car and was stopping them from driving away. But luckily I got there just in time and stopped George from ripping them to shreds.


5 thoughts on “Week 10 A Day At The Zoo By Jack”

  1. Hi jack! i really like how you said that George would have ripped the boy to shreds. did you know that gorillas mostly won’t hurt people. in a video a boy hurt him self and the gorillas did not do anything to him but help the boy. i don’t think you need to had paragraphs because it is only 100 words.
    from Aiden

  2. Hi Jack. I enjoyed reading your story.
    I think that boy got what was coming to him … but I am still glad you got there just in time!
    Are you the zookeeper?

  3. Hi Jack. I like your 100wc. I like the part with the banana skin. It was really funny. And I liked the plot twist to. Bye!

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