Week 10 : Coffin house by Ewan

We were all in the workhouse hoping for the impossible  – freedom. But we all knew what the word impossible meant. Once you’re in this absolutely horrific place the only way out was a coffin.

Outside one of the few windows, we could see children queuing but where were they going? We could not see where they were queueing for because we could not see where the back of the line was.

And all we were all thinking was we wish we could be there at the back of that line instead of this dreadful place.

One day I will hopefully be there.

19 thoughts on “Week 10 : Coffin house by Ewan”

  1. Hi Ewan
    I really in joyed this story and well done in being showcased!
    I wonder where the children were going?
    It reminds me of the book called” Under The Hawthorn Tree

  2. Hi Ewan.Brilliant story this week.It is like you live in a orphanage and you really hoped for freedom.Will you and your friends ever make it out of that workhouse alive?By Dylan O’C.

  3. Well done on getting showcased.
    You really deserved it.
    It was a great famine story.
    Well done.
    David 5th.

  4. Hi Ewan fantastic story
    Congradulations on getting showcase!
    I loved the way you set your story in the famine
    I wonder how you felt in there ??
    Amazing story keep up the great work bye Shan F

  5. Hi Ewan,
    I really enjoyed your story.
    When I read your story i really felt the emotion.
    Congradulations on the showcase.
    Dylan K

  6. Hello Ewan.
    Well done on the showcase I liked your story it wasamazing.
    This reminds me of a film called public enemies.
    what happened to the children that were lined up?
    please comment on my story on week 12.
    your sincerely Julius.

  7. Hi Ewan great story this week well done I liked the way how you described the workhouse and the line and the only way the people would get out is in coffins. Well done Kallum 6th.

  8. Hi Ewan.
    Wow just wow.
    It reminded me of “Under The Hawthorn Tree”
    Where were the children going then?

  9. Hi Ewan,
    I loved your story.It definitely deserved the showcase.Did you eventually get out of the coffin house?Or did you stay in there and wait to see what would happen?-Kayden

  10. Hi Ewan you wrote a brilliant story this week.
    Your story was so good that you got your work showcased.
    I like how you used the prompt.
    Shane C 5th

  11. Well done Ewan. I like how you have used the prompt. You’ve created a very sombre mood in your story. Even though you don’t say specifically where they are, it doesn’t sound like a very nice place. I imagined it to be a workhouse.
    Great writing.
    Ms Brennock
    Team 100 w/c

  12. Hi Ewan, I’d like to know what that queue was for too! I’m thinking it might be a story similar to ‘The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas’ and not a very pleasant place to be. Great story.

  13. Fantastic job, Ewan. I liked the way you expressed your feelings and maybe next time you could have used more descriptive language.

    Well done! ???

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