Week 10 The cunning plan by Mathew o’G

One day my roommate Larry and I were sent a big bill that we definitely could not afford. We had six weeks to pay it. We thought of absconding but we decided not to.It took me two weeks to come up with a great plan of robbing the big chubby mayor’s house across town.

Then I realised he would not be there so that was a bonus. When we were in the house Larry found the money closet. The closet was as wide as an elephant’s bottom. Later on, we found a thousand dollars…

One week later the police arrived outside our house looking for the money. But where will we hide it all? we wondered.

5 thoughts on “Week 10 The cunning plan by Mathew o’G”

  1. Hi Mathew
    I liked your story because you had a good simile that was(As wide as an elephants bottom)
    What was the presidents name?
    By for now Marc 😉

  2. Great job responding to this week’s prompt for the 100wc, Matthew! You really left me hanging… where did all the money go???

    You did an excellent job using descriptive words to develop your story.

  3. Well done Mathew! This is a great story – one of your best so far.
    I love the simile you used. Like Avril, I’m curious to know how you ran up such a big bill?
    Super work.

  4. Hi Matthew. I’d love to know what you bought that resulted in such an enormous bill. Great description of the Mayor – and his closet!

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