Week 10: Run! By Naglis

A pair of boys named James and Mark were running around the zoo excitedly looking for the gorilla. It didn’t take long for them to find him, he was in his cage up to his usual shenanigans. They stopped and glared at him for a second. “Boring” exclaimed James.

Surprisingly they started throwing bright red bricks at the poor gorilla trying to impress the pretty girls wearing yellow dresses. The gorilla roared menacingly. The two of the boys’ teeth started clattering together uncontrollably. All of a sudden the gorilla shoved the door open perilously. 

             There was only one thing left to do-RUN!

3 thoughts on “Week 10: Run! By Naglis”

  1. Hi Naglis, I really enjoyed reading your story. I loved the way you used the promt that week. I would probably do the same thing that they did in front of the girls. Good story. From Mikolaj, Mrs Boyce’s Class.

  2. Hi, Naglis One thing I like about your writing is how you chose a zoo theme! I think it fits your story perfectly! It makes lots of sence in the story! One thing you could work on is to finsish the story, becuase some people will be like what happened to them after the gorilla escaped! Did you know in my story the gorilla got lose too! Something we have in commen is that we both had something escape! One question I have for your story is that what happens at the end? Do they survive do they get hurt?
    Check out my story! https://kidblog.org/class/pm-ray-rockstars-201819/posts/9u4mig2tle4e2epkaxraqiw3j

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