Week 10: The Gun :By Liam A

I have a dog called Buddy -he is a red retriever. I took him for a walk in the poppy fields. When Buddy and I were walking through our last field I noticed that Buddy was smelling the ground erratically. He was going back and forth and side to side. He stayed in one spot for at least five minutes. Suddenly he started digging – he was an avid digger. I looked in the hole and saw wood, then metal and then I saw a gun. It was an AK 47. I was in a quandary  -should I tell mom?  …I don’t know.

2 thoughts on “Week 10: The Gun :By Liam A”

  1. Hi Liam A,

    I liked your story and how you used great grammar and words.
    Will you tell your mam ?
    This would be a great story to continue.
    Keep up the great work.

    Jessica H Ms.Brennocks

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