Week 10 The journey BY:Tadhg

Josh stared out of the glass amazed -he didn’t even stop staring to blink. He was so surprised that there was actually a gorilla in his estate . It was running wildly around the place and staring continuously at the wall with the pretty yellow bricks that his neighbour painted around a year ago.

Josh went out and perilously he sauntered over to the gorilla. The gorilla didn’t notice him until he was 10 feet away. Josh could even smell the stench off the gorilla  -it smelt like rotten eggs and cheese. The gorilla looked at him and then turned and ran away.

2 thoughts on “Week 10 The journey BY:Tadhg”

  1. Caelie, Lorraine and I really enjoyed your 100wc. You included some terrific words, such as perilously, sauntered and stench, as well as managing to incorporate this week’s words. Well done!

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