Week 10 The war field by Warren

One evening I was taking my dog on a walk through the field next to our estate. The field used to be a battlefield for World War 1. Many people died in the field. Before world war 1 there used to be red poppies growing in that field.

As we were getting to the exit my dog stopped and started digging. When he finished, lying on the ground was a red gun. I was stunned into silence before we extricated ourselves from the field. The next day my parents said I was unusually quiet. I was in a quandary whether to tell them or not.

That day I went back to the field but the gun was gone…

3 thoughts on “Week 10 The war field by Warren”

  1. My name is Alexzandria from Illinois I like your story a lot and I like how you left the people hanging.

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