WEEK 19 VINNY’S TRIP! by Colin

Vinny was a drain spider  – a rare type of breed and that was because he had 15 LEGS!  People contemplate hard on whether to hunt them down or not.

One day Vinny was on the roof when a magpie dropped a diamond ring from its beak.  How unlucky for the magpie! Vinny got the piece of glorious glistening jewellery and spun a web around it. Low and behold, that dreary midnight a flood in the gutter pushed the ring along to the edge it came down the drainpipe.

When Vinny woke up the ring was gone!

2 thoughts on “WEEK 19 VINNY’S TRIP! by Colin”

  1. A spider with 15 legs!
    This is like reading a horror story.
    I know I wouldn’t be contemplating whether or not to hunt it down…I’d be running as fast as my legs would carry me in the opposite direction.
    I loved your story this week, Colin – Well done!

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