Week 11: Afraid of jail By Oisin

I was walking in the Island woods when I saw a bike in a tree. I tried to pull it out but when I did the whole tree collapsed. I heard police cars so I ran for my life I ran back into the city. I hid in between two houses for five minutes but then I had to run as I was cornered. I was caught but instead of going to jail he asked if I was all right.

“Yes,” I replied but then I was certain I was going to jail but again I wasn’t although I did have to pay a bill for the damage which I did.

One thought on “Week 11: Afraid of jail By Oisin”

  1. Well done Oisin.
    I wonder why were you so afraid of going to jail?
    Were you guilty of doing something else?
    Good work.
    Mrs Boyce

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