Week 11 Criminal gangs by Julius.

Greetings Humans of Earth, I would like to have your attention to talk about criminal gangs .It is clear these are very bad people who beat up people . They scare people out of countries  or even kill them This has to stop .

Without, a doubt gangs should be stopped. Even in villages, they take drugs. They do not know what they are doing .

Do you want your country to be known as a place where gangs live ?

Do you want your child to become a gang  member when they grow up?

Even the smallest thing can change the course of the Future

Thank you for listening.

4 thoughts on “Week 11 Criminal gangs by Julius.”

  1. Great work on highlighting such a serious topic Julius! I recently watched a documentary on gang war and it was just terrifying. Well done!

  2. Well done Julius on highlighting a serious problem definitely in Ireland and most likely worldwide.
    If we act now, I do believe we can change the course of the future.
    Keep up the good work.

  3. Hi Julius amazing story
    I like the way your writing about gangs they are truly awful and it’s horrible what they do to peaple
    Good story bye Shane F

  4. Hi Julius
    That was a very true story you wrote there
    It is true that criminal gangs spread and I would not like to be part of one
    It got me thinking why did you write about it and please comment back on my story
    It reminded me of a news flash when criminal gangs spread and attacked
    I liked the way you done loads of questions at the end
    Good luck on Gem of the week

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