Week 11 A Day NOT To Remember By Jack

I was on my way to school on a Friday when I saw a building. I wanted to investigate it but a part of me was telling me not to trespass.

So after school at ten to three, I decided to snoop around the building. I looked in a window and saw a wizard putting a spell on a boy. But then the wizard saw me -oh no! I gasped and started to run.

Running.  Bamboozled. “Oh what a buffoon I was to have trespassed a private property” I said to myself.

Then my friend Bob saw me, threw his cloak on and yelled at the top of his voice – DUCK! He jumped in front of me just as the wizard tried to turn me to stone but sadly got him instead.

5 thoughts on “Week 11 A Day NOT To Remember By Jack”

  1. Dear jack,
    I really like your story it was cool their was a wizard there because i really want to see something creepy.
    It was a bad idea that you went in their. How did it looked inside.

  2. Wow Jack that was a very thrilling story I wonder who the guy in the cloak was?you did a very good job of describing what happened in the story and it made me exited every time i read it.Keep up the good work Jack!And write stories as good as this one.

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