Week 11 : Friends with the Vikings, by Dan

One day a long time ago in my little Monastery, I was on the lookout in the tall round tower. I was really looking forward to having my afternoon nap.
Suddenly I spotted a black figure on a Viking longship.

I ran up the stairs and ran the big steel bell. As they rowed their boat on to our shores, the black figure stepped out of the boat.
He spoke quite softly but I made out some words and these were the words”HELP us”.

We healed their cuts. We were the first monks to become friends with Vikings.

7 thoughts on “Week 11 : Friends with the Vikings, by Dan”

  1. Hi Dan – you’ve written a fantastic story for this prompt. Like Mrs. Boyce, I was expecting a big battle. What a nice turn of events that they became friends. Keep up the great writing, Dan!

  2. Great writing Dan. I really enjoyed your story.
    I think it was great that the monks became friends with the Vikings! Imagine if that had really happened.
    Ms Brennock
    Team 100 w/c

  3. Hi Dan
    I really liked the setting of your story as it had a feeling of being a true story. You were obviously inspired by the image this week.
    Miss T
    Stockbridge, Hampshire

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