Week 11 Goodnight Mr Croset…By Jacob

England 1987…

“No” he said,” I like marmite!”

“Please be quiet”

“I will make you marmite”


As I walked into the kitchen I had a devilish plan…  In goes the poison -oh and I could not forget the sleeping drugs.

“I present you with kitchen-made marmite”

” About time,” Mr Croset said’

He ate and ate until he fell asleep and stopped breathing.


I dragged him outside and put him in the bin. The police came and asked what was going on?

I replied “I’m just trying to get him out of the trash bin. “They looked at me weirdly. After that I was thrown into prison.

2 thoughts on “Week 11 Goodnight Mr Croset…By Jacob”

  1. Goodness me, what a shocking outcome Jacob. I never fail to be surprised by the directions some authors are inspired to take by the weekly prompts. Writing in dialogue is never easy so I’m impressed by how well you managed this. I also liked how you subtly slipped in the victim’s name , rather than introducing the characters more plainly. I wonder who the *main* character was and what motivated him to commit the crime?
    Well done and keep rising to the Challenge.

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