Week 11: Guilty Graffiti Artist By Naglis

Running through the city my legs were getting weaker than a sprinting elephant. I was a wanted graffiti artist getting chased!

I darted left into a creepy hazardous looking wood which was my last hope. Sweat trickled down my forehead and onto my cheeks. My lungs are burning and my legs are aching. I can feel my heart thumping rapidly like a drum.  I glance around trying to get my bearings. Not long after I came to a bike in a tree. I took no notice of it but I clumsily pushed the handle.

A portal opened.

But the question was  – what was inside..?

4 thoughts on “Week 11: Guilty Graffiti Artist By Naglis”

  1. Naglis,
    Can’t wait to find out what’s inside! Thrilling ending. Personally, I love “street art” or grafitti, I was elated you chose to include that. Keep up the amazing writing!
    Forward Ever,
    Ms. McBride #team100wc Los Angeles, California

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