Week 11: I finally found it!

As I was cycling to my grandmother’s house, suddenly a bush started to move but I kept going. When I arrived I gave her apple pie so we can talk and eat. My grandmother was a very angelic woman. I was talking with her for about an hour by now.

All of a sudden we heard a superstitious sound outside. My grandmother got up to see what it was but when she got up she started groaning wearily after the pie we ate. So I told her to sit down for a while. I secretly absconded outside. When I got outside an abominable wolf came out. I started running so fast that I forgot about my bike. The next day I looked everywhere to find it but I couldn’t.

A few years later I found it in a tree.

10 thoughts on “Week 11: I finally found it!”

  1. Marc,
    Great story! You seem to be developing quite a vocabulary. You will have your readers searching a dictionary, which is a great thing. Although, as an English teacher I do love dictionaries. Habituate the practice of using vocabulary in your writing.
    Ms. McBride #team100wc Los Angeles, California

  2. Your story was very good u used a lot of verbs and adjectives very good the way u described the way your grandmother was feeling after the pie if u wrote a bit more it would have been even better

  3. Very good story great way to describe the intresting parts about the story a lot of verbs used Great story good way to describe the way your granny was feeling after that pie. Could have wrote a bit more and it would have been fantastic.

  4. I really liked the words you were using like superstitious
    I also enjoyed your story it was enjoyable if I was to read it again I would

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