Week 11: Pandemonium By Naglis

One dull misty night a monk named Jonathon was on the lookout. Everyone was snoring – it sounded like a gorilla protecting his young. Later on Jonathon was fast asleep as well. Moments later he woke up and saw massive Viking longships.

The longships were as wide as an elephant’s bottom. Jonathon took no notice at all. The moment he hit his pillow he was fast asleep again.

The Vikings smashed through the wooden gates and started raiding. Suddenly, there was pandemonium everywhere. The Vikings didn’t kill anyone but they took chalices, books, water and all the food they had.

The next day they Jonathon put a dark black cloak on and hoped that nobody would recognise him.

3 thoughts on “Week 11: Pandemonium By Naglis”

  1. Hi Naglis,
    I loved your piece it was so interesting. Also I loved how you used really descriptive words. I wonder why Jonathan had to put on the cloak. My mom and dad sound like gorilla’s when their snoring. It is so weird I can hear it when I’m trying to Sleep. Maybe next time use a little talking in your piece it would be cool but you don’t have to just a suggestion. Other than that you writing was amazing. Also I forgot to say this did Jonathan steel all the food and water and stuff and why did he steel all that stuff. Your piece was amazing once again.
    Happy Writing,
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