Week 11 Password By Matthew D

I was being chased by the vindictive Guard and then I saw the bike stuck in the enormous tree. I scurried over to the bike and put in the code 91502.  It accepted the password and the door to the dank lair opened.

I looked out and saw the guards bamboozled because they hadn’t a clue where I was? I chuckled menacingly because they knew what I did and I wasn’t getting caught no matter what. The only thing was my lair hadn’t got one bit of food in it.

Should I hand myself in? Or stay here and die?

4 thoughts on “Week 11 Password By Matthew D”

  1. OMG that was hilarious and I love the part that says “the guards were bamboozled” it was amazing I hope you make a part 2 I would love to read more of your work you are so great keep up the good work Matthew D
    6th class
    Sacred Heart Primary Granard

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