Week 11: Please take action: by Kasparas

Greetings humans of Earth.

I am here to give a very important message to you all listening. It is vital that we respect the earth and it’s environment and if we don’t there will be  large consequences.

Today I really want to concentrate on pollution because if we will keep living like this for about sixty years we will all be sleeping in waste. The global warming is going to melt all of the ice which will lead to serious floods.  Later on, animals and plants will start to become extinct. So, therefore, meaning our human race will  certainly start to die.

Your human numbers will start to drop like flies. So in conclusion, I came here to give a message of warning to you humans.

Only you can stop this havoc!


21 thoughts on “Week 11: Please take action: by Kasparas”

  1. Hi kasparas,
    I loved your story this week. I truelly believe you wrote this story from the bottom of your heart. I think that pollution is big problem all around the world. Bye Liam.

  2. Hi Kasparas.
    Great story.I think everyone would agree with you.It is not the same as most people and I agree with you.How long do you think they live for.By Dylan O’C.

  3. Hi Kasparas
    Good story.
    I hope everyone will listen to this and maybe we can stop pollution.
    What is your point of view of the rubbish issue and where is it all going to go?
    Well done on the showcase and keep it up.
    By Calum

  4. hi Kasparas
    excellent story
    i think you are a great writer and your story was excellent.
    The way the you named the story attack

  5. Hey Kasparas.
    I really liked your story because global warming is a serious problem and all the animals like tigers and pandas are gonna be a extinct soon.
    What animal would you really miss when they are gonna be extinct?
    By Kajus.

  6. Hello Kasparas .
    I loved your story it was like you win over and over again.
    This reminds me of a few boys who wrote a story based on pollution it was Shanef and Laurynas there story’s were about pollution and Laurynas said I we want to live on earth for 50 more years then we have to stop littering.
    What do you think will happen in the future.
    Please comment on my week 12 story called cull a malla please.
    Your sincerely Julius

  7. Hi Kasparas,
    I really liked your story and believe that you definitely deserved the showcase.I would love the robot to read your story in front of the world.-Kayden

  8. Well done Kasparas you picked a very good topic.
    This is your second showcase.
    If you keep writing great storys you will get it again.
    David 5th.

  9. Hi Kasparas.
    Your story blew my mind.
    Are you a scientist or something?
    It really reminded me of movie 2012.

  10. Hi Kasparas amazing story I love the way your writing about how bad pollution is
    I wonder how we can fix this awful problem!
    I really like how your mentioning this devastating topic
    Great story bye Shane F

  11. Hi Kacperas
    That was a really good story
    I liked the way you wrote about animal extinction
    It reminded me of Pauls story about Panda extinction
    It got me wondering why are people killing animals
    Congratulations on getting picked for showcase

  12. Hi Kasparas.
    I loved your story. Congratulations on your showcase. Well deserved. I think you chose a very important, true topic. It is vital that we stop pollution. Or else as you said we will be sleeping in waste.
    Well done again.

  13. Hi Kasparas very well deserved showcase.
    I agree that pollution is a terrible thing.
    We could be sleeping in waste in time to come it’s true.
    I loved you story and hopefully you can get another showcase.
    Keep up the good work.
    Shane C 5th.

  14. You’re dead right Kasparas. We really do need to respect the environment before there are consequences. You did a great job arguing your point. Well done.

  15. Very well written Kasparas – Well done!
    I agree with you – we need to RESPECT the environment.
    I love your last line.
    Keep up the great work.

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