Week 11 Show mercy and give less homework by Kacper

Greetings humans of earth,

I want to bring you a message, especially for teachers all around the world. It’s about homework. Kids sometimes spend 2 hours in front of their copies doing all of that homework.

They probably think, “I was working half a day in school and now I spend about 2 hours doing my homework, I don’t have time to rest, play outside, watch T.V or even not eat for HOURS!”

Everyone knows that sometimes you could spend a DAY just doing useless homework. I send this message so that the teachers might show mercy and give less homework.

4 thoughts on “Week 11 Show mercy and give less homework by Kacper”

  1. I guess if some people had not put in all that time, effort and hard work when they were children there would be no TV or Robots to go into space. A humorous take on the prompt nevertheless.

  2. Hi Kacper
    That was a really good story you story you wrote there
    I really liked your topic and I agree to everything you said
    It got me thinking why did you write about this ?
    It reminded me of me when I was in 3rd class and we had to write a homework pass
    Keep up the good work

  3. Well done Kacper – You’ve written a very convincing report!
    2 hours homework? Who gives 2 hours of homework? I wonder should I up my game and give more?
    Keep up the great work.

  4. Very good story.
    I loved the topic you did it on and I agree with everything you said.
    We should work hard AND be active.
    Brilliant story overall!


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