Week 11 The Hungry Tree by Mathew O G

It was a boring old Sunday and I didn’t have anything to do. I spent hours upon end thinking of what to do.

Finally I had it …I text my friend anxiously. After a while of persuading him he finally agreed to go cycling in the haunted forest. 3 hours later we were zigzagging across each other’s path having the time of our lives.

Later on we were bragging about how fast we were. 5 minutes later we were zooming between the dense pine trees up the steep path. I gave it a mammoth effort…so much so that I hit a rock and CRUNCH!!!!!!!!!

Somehow my bike got stuck in the tree.



5 thoughts on “Week 11 The Hungry Tree by Mathew O G”

  1. Matthew, I love the contrast of the boring day in the beginning and the antics that built to losing your bike in a tree! I bet that was an interesting conversation when you got home. I really liked the phrase, ‘ hours upon end’ to describe your boredom. Enjoyed your story. I hope your friend helped you home. What a creative use of the prompt.

  2. Dear Mathew,I really enjoyed reading your story.What I liked about it was that it was really interesting and you used a lot of interesting words like anxiously and mammoth.But,one thing I would like for you to approve is to maybe question yourself like,how did the bike get inside the tree trunk?And just those kind of questions that could make your story sound a little bit better,but still your story was really good.Keep up the good work!

    6th class,Sacred Heart P.S Granard!

  3. Your story was very funny I love it and hope you do good with your talent!!!!
    6th class
    Sacred Heart Granard

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