Week 11 The restaurant By Adam

A few days ago Ian went into the restaurant that his best friend worked in. His friend took his order.

“I will have a slice of bread with marmite.”

“I thought you didn’t like marmite,” his friend replied.

“No “he said “I like marmite and not butter.”

” Oh ok, anything else?”

“A pancake with Nutella on top , thanks. ”

When he was done he was about to leave but then a gang came in and shouted”on your knees and empty out your pockets.”

Ian emptied everything but his phone. He glided into the bathroom and called the guards. They came and everyone was safe and got their belongings back.

2 thoughts on “Week 11 The restaurant By Adam”

  1. Hi Adam, well done! It was all so nice and calm until the gang appeared! I like the use of the word glided, it gave me a great mental image of Ian zooming inconspicuously out if the dining room! Keep up the good work.
    Mrs O Sullivan.

  2. Hi my name is Nick and I like how you did a restaurant and not a bank or some where else.
    I think your sentences could have used a bit more detail and I would like to know Ian’s friend’s name.

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