Week 11: The shot that ended everything… By Liam O

“Sergeant, we have a visual on the suspect, he seems to be at the restaurant in downtown.” Exclaimed Colonel Cunningham.

“Colonel” I said in a deep voice.

“Get all the men you can and meet me and Lieutenant at the entrance ASAP.”

Later we met up and sent a spy in there to investigate.

About a half an hour later he came back and said that the suspect and one other guy were doing an illegal money exchange and then went back in.

Suddenly we heard a roar “No,” he said,” I like marmite.”

We crept towards the roaring and saw our spy next to the suspect – he nodded to me and I nodded to the  Lieutenant

He shouted “GO GO GOOO.”

As we were running the man pulled out a pistol and shot the unstable pillar

Everything came down upon us…

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  1. Wow Liam, imagine if there really was an argument over whether we like marmite! Your 100WC is interesting and has used the prompt in a really natural way. Great work.

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