Week 11 The Twin Brother’s Race By Danny

Tom and John are twin brother’s and like anyone else they were very competitive. Tom always won but John was never far behind. One day John asked his older twin brother Tom to have a race in the forest. Tom said yes of course of course and being cocky like he usually is he said it would be a piece of cake and that John would be wasting his time.

Later on that day Tom swaggered to the forest to start the race. Tom raced ahead but just then out of nowhere John picked up speed and passed Tom out. When he was past him he looked back to see that Tom was in shock and dismay. Then John zigzagged through the course and won the race.

3 thoughts on “Week 11 The Twin Brother’s Race By Danny”

  1. I really liked the way you went with twin brothers I also liked the way you made them so competitive and 1 thing I think you need to work on is checking your story before you upload it but otherwise it was a great story

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