Week 12 Curly`s Adventure by Colin

Curly the hamster was aggressively bitting the thick metal bars when the wooden door opened – it was Ave munching on a white ham sandwich. She opened curly`s cage door and threw in a crumb of the ham sandwich. Curly was an energetic hamster and would always get attention.

Ave was called by her mom and forgot to close the cage door. Curly absconded out the door and rolled like a pig in mud down the stairs. He crept into the playroom and saw a ginormous battery coming his way. He hurried out the door when he heard Ave`s abominably aggressive dad.

Curly ran like a cheetah and just made it back up. He started chewing the bar. Soon, Ave came in, fell into bed and nodded off to sleep.

7 thoughts on “Week 12 Curly`s Adventure by Colin”

  1. Hello Colin,

    Your choice of vocabulary words was fabulous. Rich, vivid word selections give power to your writing. Interesting choices of uncommon language makes your story much more engaging. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.
    The figurative language that you wove into your piece was marvelous also. As I envisioned the hamster absconding and rolling down the stairs like a pig in the mud I laughed out loud. Then when he ran like a cheetah that was wickedly funny.
    My suggestion to make your writing even better is to be certain to look over your completed piece before you finalize it in order to be sure you have all of your proper nouns capitalized.
    You certainly have an active imagination.
    Thank you for sharing your creativity,

    Gina Ruffcorn (Team 100, Iowa USA)

  2. Hi Colin,

    I enjoyed reading your story, I think that you made very imaginative use of the prompt words and some very impressive vocabulary. It sounds like Curly had fun! Keep up the good work!

    Ms Mc Namee


  3. Loved it Colin. I enjoyed reading about Curly’s adventure. I think it was a good move for Curly to go back upstairs- away from the ginormous battery and the aggressive Dad!
    Great work.

  4. Great story Colin. I could really visualise Curly delighted with life as he ‘absconded’ out of his cage and down the stairs on a real life adventure, only to curl up asleep when he had enough and nobody was any the wiser!

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