Week 12 Drama By Matthew D

My friend and I were at the local post office trying to get tickets for the concert. Suddenly three men swaggered in the door and one of them was armed.

“What skulduggery are you up to”? I asked.

There was no answer and the room was quiet. We were all on the floor with them standing over us. My friend and I finally got the courage to scare them off. I grabbed the gun and my friend tied up two of them as I put the other one onto the ground. When we went home we seemed to be on the television for our courageous work.

10 thoughts on “Week 12 Drama By Matthew D”

  1. Hello Matthew. I like your story. But where did you get the gun from. And what does skulduggery in engilsh? But either way it was really good.

  2. Hey there. I’m Jaden from Room 14, Papatoetoe west school. I really enjoyed the story, it was short, nice and simple. The story about you and your friend attempting to prevent the armed men from doing anything during the concert was really suspenseful. I also liked how you used words like ‘Swagger’. Overall a really good story!

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