Week 12 The Experiment by Joe

“Class, take out your books in silence, NOW!” screamed Miss O’Leary.

She was the strictest teacher ever.  She loathed her time with children. The bell rang and the look on her face was terrifying . Jeff and I were in for break. I went to the bathroom and Jeff was eating his sandwich.

As I came back I heard an abominable roar. I saw a human-sized, white monster. Luckily we were 100% energetic so we could run. We hurried outside and called the police. I saw the monster and it was shrinking.  By the time it nearly got us -it was half a meter tall and the police got it.


8 thoughts on “Week 12 The Experiment by Joe”

  1. That teacher is… odd. Great work. The vocabulary you used to the actual plot line, it was a fantastic piece of work. 100% energetic. more like 100% AMAZING!

  2. Dear, Joe

    Your writing is amazing! I love how you used such good word choices. Where did you come up with these words? Next time I encourage you to use more transitional phrases! I have never had a very strict teacher before. Have you?

  3. Well done Joe, you’ve done a great job with the prompt words this week. I think your opening sentence is excellent.
    You have used some great vocabulary too, e.g. loathed and abominable.
    Keep up the great writing.
    Ms Brennock
    Team 100 w/c

  4. Well done Joe.
    I’m wondering did Jeff have anything to do with Miss O’ Leary turning into the white monster?
    It sounds like you two were up to no good!
    Good work.

  5. I thought that the description really added to the story, especially the parts about the terrifying white monster. Keep up the good work.

  6. Oh Dear! This ‘Teacher’ sounds like a very nasty piece of work. Sounds to me like she shouldn’t be a Teacher at all. Am I correct in my thinking that the shrinking monster was in fact the dreaded Miss O Leary? Thank goodness this is only a story. I can’t imagine you know any teacher as horrendous as this one!

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