Week 12 The Museum by Ronan

One day  I noticed that our teacher was not there. One of my friends told me that the battery in her car was dead. At break, I ate my plain old white bread sandwich and did some work.

The next day our abominable teacher came back. She announced that we would be going to the new museum in Cork city.

On the day that we were going I hurried out the door of my house feeling very energetic. I ran to school as fast as I could. I launched myself on to the bus. About half an hour later we stopped at the side of the road. The bus driver told us that the bus broke down.

Two hours later I started to wonder if the replacement bus would ever come?

One thought on “Week 12 The Museum by Ronan”

  1. Another great story Ronan – well done!
    We’re lucky in St Colman’s that we don’t have any abominable teachers here.
    2 hours waiting for the replacement bus sounds like a disaster! I hope this doesn’t happen to us next week.
    Good work.

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