Week 12 Terrorist bomb exploded. By Kajus

One day I was going to school and I saw a poster on the pole and it said The Show Of Horror on the 21-11-16 at 19:04 which was that day. After school, I went to the ticket shop and I bought tickets. This show only happens every 10 years.

We drove to the R.Shannon and there were a lot of people there but we were lucky because we were at the front. They started dancing and we heard something beeping but we didn’t care. But then it exploded. The eight people who danced  died.

To honour these people a  statue was put up beside the R.Shannon. It was a pot and with eight legs up wards.

2 thoughts on “Week 12 Terrorist bomb exploded. By Kajus”

  1. Hi Kajus
    I liked your story because of the way you honoured the eight dancers that died. The statue is a great way to remember them by.

    From Carragh

  2. Well done Kajus!
    I’m here wondering why anybody would want to go to The Show of Horrors? The name alone would send shivers down my spine!
    I like how they put up a statue to remember those who died.
    Keep up the good work.

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