Week 12 The Elephant by Aidan

…As the sweet sound of a violin floated into my ear I slumped down in my chair. “Play a little louder!” I shouted.

I kept on listening until I saw something on the left hand wall –  it seemed like a purple elephant freshly painted. Everybody at the concert looked happy but I was curious. I slowly walked over to the wall wondering what would happen until FLASH…

“Hello anybody here “I shouted but  only my echo replied. I took a look around and it kind of looked like a zoo. It was like a whole different dimension…

One thought on “Week 12 The Elephant by Aidan”

  1. Hi Aidan,
    Well done on your story this week. I wonder what it was that you saw. You’ve created an air of mystery and left me wanting to read more. Great work this week.
    Ms Brennock

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