Week 12 We Won By Szymon

“We won !” yelled my dad.
My dad just bought a lottery ticket and was checking after checking the numbers.
“How much?” exuded my brother excitedly.
” 10 million euro” my dad said calmly.
When we went to the shop to exchange our ticket into money my brother started swaggering in pompously. On the way back we saw a gr0up of poor people begging for money on the street. I decided to give each of them 100 thousand euro. My parents agreed. We didn’t realise that there was a news reporter behind us. We went home and watched the news and to our surprise we seemed to be on the television.

2 thoughts on “Week 12 We Won By Szymon”

  1. Such a great feeling, not only to win, but the joy of giving to someone less fortunate Szymon.
    You’ve used great language – ‘exuded’ and ‘pompously’ don’t pop up every day on the 100 WC!
    I’ve enjoyed sharing your writing today thank you.
    Jackie (Team 100 WC)
    New Zealand

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