Week 12: Why? By Marc

Thinking so hard it felt like my brain was going to explode. The reason why is that we were going on a quiz competition. I am one of the smartest people in the school. Our principal is so vicious he’s like a wolf that didn’t eat for a month.

If we didn’t win this quiz we would have homework for the summer holidays. Suddenly the principal swaggered into the room and with a frosty voice, he shouted: “It’s time.”

We got 99/99 so far and if we got the next question right we would win.

“The next question is, What is Obama’s last name? “It was tricky “Obama” I screamed.

Then we realised that we seemed to be on the television.   

5 thoughts on “Week 12: Why? By Marc”

  1. Hi, Marc

    My name is Annie, I come from New Zealand and the name of my school is Papatoetoe west school. This really sounds great like the Demon HeadMaster. I really like your story, it’s very interesting.
    Can you pls go on my blog and read my stories.

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