Week 13: Abominable Alex By Naglis

It was a dark dreary night and Alex had nothing to do. He called me over but I didn’t help. Just as I was about to go Alex shouted out “let’s do a robbery”. He gave me a menacing look as if to say do it or else. So I agreed.

Moments later we walked over towards my Bugatti Veyron. We speeded off to the zoo. First of all, we both jumped over the gate.  and then we headed to the office where all the money was. The money was in the closet. Alex smashed all the stuff protecting it and grabbed everything.

Unfortunately,when I was running I accidentally tipped the gargantuan red button. We didn’t stop running until we got to the gate. …The tiger was blocking our escape…

5 thoughts on “Week 13: Abominable Alex By Naglis”

  1. Hi Naglis I really love this story and actually I can really imagine it on my head even lots of people reads a book and always imagine it on their heads and this is the best story ever!
    From Reena

  2. Hi Naglis
    My favourite part is when you were stopped by a tiger.
    I really liked the words that you used .
    Keep up the great work .
    From Matthew D
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