Week 13 : A Day to Remember by Tadhg

When Tom and I were walking down the road we saw a house.I could hear a voice in my head calling me to go into the house . We walked closer to the house and the door slowly creaked open.

We went into the big dark house and walked upstairs.  The stairs twisted as if it was moving. When we got to the top of the stairs I found that my friend wasn’t there.  I heard a loud roar and went into the painted room.  There was something moving in the room. It was a tiger.  I ran downstairs with the tiger trailing behind me. I found my friend and headed to the door but the tiger was blocking our escape…

5 thoughts on “Week 13 : A Day to Remember by Tadhg”

  1. hi tadhg thank you for comenting on my story very grateful to your teacher aswell and well done on your story it was very very good. Jamie

  2. hi tadhg what a brilliant story i think it might get a showcase thank you so much for commenting on my story im very greatful. thanks Jamie

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