Week 13 Kanturk v Mallow By Jack

It was a dull day when the two teams were about to collide on Mallow’s home ground. I was a Kanturk man and  I was going out there to beat Mallow in rugby.

In the first half, they were beating us. We had more possession and more passes and tackles but they got in a lucky try from their best player, Darren. To be fair it was a good run and he broke through our defenses because we weren’t paying attention. But they were exhausted at that stage.

In the second half we caught back up with them and I scored the winning try with 30 seconds left to go. My friend Rory ripped the ball from a Mallow player and threw it to me and I knew then what I had to do. I broke into a sprint and ran down the pitch as fast as my two legs could carry me and sprinted past all their players and with 5 seconds left I crossed the line and put the ball down. I won us the game – the Munster cup.  The Kanturk supporters screamed as loud as a stampede of elephants running at 100 miles per hour. I became famous and three years later I started playing for Ireland.

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    Hi Jack,
    I think your story was great and hopefully you win a special showcase and a cartoon to go with it!

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