Week 13, The Lucky Day For Us : By Wojciech

One day my friend Mikolaj and I were in the zoo. We saw lots of the animals, but one thing that was really strange was that there were no tigers. We decided to turn around and look for them.

We turned around and the tiger was blocking our escape.

I whispered, “pretend that you are dead. ”

So we fell down –  ouch!  The tiger was surprised so he left us. I started to mess with Mikolaj as we walked to the car.  We drove back home… but my head is still hurting from falling to the ground.

3 thoughts on “Week 13, The Lucky Day For Us : By Wojciech”

  1. I loved your story Wojciecj. It made me laugh that you pretended you were dead. Great piece of writing.

    Team 100 – London

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