WEEK 13 Santa Surprise By Colin

It was Christmas Eve and I was excited for Santa . The rain had stopped coming down about 30 minutes ago. I was out for an evening walk. Suddenly I saw 7 reindeer speed into the sky. I ran after them but they were much faster. I called out for them to stop but they dashed into the cover of a forest. I sighed and turned around to see a man in a red suit and long white beard. Santa I said in my head. He had two floating elves behind him. I didn’t realise they could fly too. “Hello” I said in a high pitched voice. Suddenly I was in Santa’s sleigh and dashing through the night.

One thought on “WEEK 13 Santa Surprise By Colin”

  1. Hi Colin,
    I liked your story this week I like the way you used the prompt this week
    Where did you get the idea from?
    Keep up the good work
    From Niamh and Abby

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